+1 Long Sword

weapon (melee)

Death is a +1 Long sword undead bane and necromancer bane


Death was the last weapon created by a necromancer who would create and sell magical weapons and items and then trick adventurers to their doom to get their equipment. He passed himself off as a benevolent mage and became the local hero and protector. He built himself a massive tomb where he planned to live a long life as a lich unfortunately some adventurerers caught on to his scheme and after a long running battle trapped and cursed him to forever trapped in his tomb. As thegroup came upon them he had just managed to escape his prison and had taken up residence in a burnt out plantation home whose own cursed reputation helped him. With the help of a appentice who was also the town mortician he was rebuilding his empire when the PC’s managed to bring him then his appentice down. Finding the sword Death in the farmhouse it was claimed by Glory and has been in her capable hands ever since.


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